Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 is here

Even though it's nearly the middle of February, this will be my first official post in the 2015 blog book.  Whoops.  True life, people.  True life. 

There's always a little pressure on this first post, but today, I am just going to get it done. 

Since we moved to Washington, it has felt like our lives are running us.  2013 was spent trying to get a handle on everything new.  In 2014, our motto was "take back our lives."  I think we did pretty good, though the stakes for everything just seem higher now than ever before.  We started 2015 with high hopes, and even though we've already suffered an emotional blow AND our team lost the Super Bowl, we're hopeful for some progress this year.  

This fall will bring preschool for Audrey and Ward, marking a new season for me.  Not long after school starts, Amos will be baptized in October.  How can one not be hopeful with such exciting things on the horizon?

For now, we're alive and well and grateful for all of our many blessings, but most of all, each other.

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Andrea said...

I can't believe Amos is getting baptized this year! Time goes too quickly.