Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ward Christmas Party

With December comes the ever-favorite ward (church congregation) Christmas party.  We've only been in our current ward about 3 months, so we still felt pretty out of place. I found keeping busy eases the discomfort, so we contributed a breakfast casserole and were pretty good helpers when it was time to clean up.  Otherwise, we got to just sit back and enjoy the program.  It was short and sweet, emphasis on the sweet.  It was a great start to that Saturday morning.

Santa visited as part of the party.  In an effort to trick the children, the planning committee recruited someone from the other ward that shared our building to play Santa.  The "other" ward being the one we just left.  Lucky for us, the Horne kids want to believe in spite of logic, so they willingly play along.  Audrey did spot Br. Young the second we were in the door and said,

"Us knows him!!!"

It was good though because they were comfortable enough for a picture, and some lap sitting.

*Amos was a conscientious objector of Santa this particular morning.

**This post is backdated so it will be in the 2014 book.

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