Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snowflake Lane!

Last night we went to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue, WA and it was awesome! Admittedly, going in I had a bit of "sometimes these things with kids are more trouble that they're worth" anxiety. It ended up being just great though. The kids loved it and I was so impressed by the show, the excitement, and the joy that was everywhere.

They shut down a couple blocks of a major road in Bellevue, and do a sort of road show. First there was a drumline that was just awesome. Then came some dancers. The whole time winter characters (polar bear, ice princess, rudolph) are circulating the crowd and getting the little kids to dance, etc. It was super cute. And really hard to not just want to dance.

Wardie's view.  It didn't last long, he was out and about mingling with the characters and strangers all around us.

Auds is in there somewhere:

For part of the show they blow bubbles and make it was really pretty.

And my favorite picture:

I don't know how Wardie got so caught in her skirt.  He was just running around to hold her other hand.

And, there is plenty of live action on our YouTube channel.

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Annie H. said...

Looks like SO much fun! I recognize that area -- Todd's sister used to live in Clyde Hill and we'd always go to that mall (Lincoln....Square?) that I think is right there (?)