Monday, December 22, 2014

Seattle Vacation

A couple years ago, Eric and I had the brilliant idea to take the kids to a hotel in downtown Salt Lake to celebrate New Year's Eve.  We were pretty proud of ourselves as we walked around Temple Square, ate at Blue Lemon and swam in the hotel pool.  How smart we are!  Then, we put the kids to bed and settled in for a quiet night.  Except not at all.  Downtown, on New Year's Eve.  Duh.  The hotel was much like what I imagine a fraternity to be like.  Loud.  And then louder.  Rowdy.  And then rowdier.  It was a long, rough night.

This year, we took that experience, and relocated our big city downtown vacation to a "quiet" weekend in December.  It was perfect!

Eric gets a great hotel discount through work and we were very lucky to stay at the Fairmont Olympic.  So very nice.  When we checked in they gave us vouchers for free cookies and ice cream for the kids to be delivered via room service.  That was a big hit.

That night, we went to our most favorite family dinner spot, P.F. Chang's.  I tell you, that place never disappoints.  They count on "family style."  After dinner we wandered around downtown, rode the carousel and played in the play area.  It was cold, but so exciting no one seemed to mind.

This trip marked a momentous occasion: Ward was big enough to fully participate.  We all rode the carousel, we all swam in the pool, and no one had to stay back with him while he took a nap, etc.  He was still a major pain (as two year olds are), but it was do-able.  There is nowhere to go but up from here!

The next morning there was more swimming at the hotel pool, and then we hit up the "Teddy Bear suite" in our hotel.  Basically, they opened up a regular hotel room and transformed it into crazy teddy bear land.  Maggie was in heaven. 

2/3 of the boys did not consider it heaven-like.

After checking out, we headed over to the Hyatt for some sort of gingerbread house display we had heard about a whole lot.  Once there, and seeing the wait line, we sort of started to get it.  These were no ordinary gingerbread "houses." Eric and the kids were pretty done at this point, but I forced everyone to stick it out.

The gingerbread houses had real architects that made them.  It was no joke. Of course, gingerbread Seattle was everyone's favorite.  The detail on all of them was incredible, though none of the candy looked too appetizing anymore.

After the gingerbread house death march we had a nice lunch at Icon Grill and then headed back to the sticks.

**This post is backdated so it will be in the 2014 book.

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