Sunday, December 21, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree

We like our Christmas trees big.  When we first looked at this house to rent, in April, we discussed how tall the ceiling was for a Christmas tree.  We have our priorities straight.  Last year, Eric went Christmas tree shopping without us while we were at Disney World.  We came home to it set up and ready to decorate.  This year, things went a little differently.

I was excited for everyone to go Christmas tree hunting together, but alas, the sky was gray so Maggie wouldn't get out of the car.  Eric, Amos, and Ward picked out the tree while Maggie and Audrey invaded my personal space in the car.

The boys came back with a spectacular tree, 5 guys put it on the car, and we were ready to go.  I should mention that every tree at the farm we go to is $40.  Eric takes that as a challenge-get as much tree as you can for your money ;)

After an exhausting effort by Eric and myself, we got the tree in the house.  Getting it upright was a whole other matter, unfortunately.  We have an incredible heavy duty tree stand, but this tree and it's weighty massiveness just crumpled it time and time again.

The tree laid on it's side in our family room for quite some time while Eric ran to the hardware store and got some parts to reinforce our stand.  We also had to take a chunk off the trunk, so Eric had the best day ever and got to use his chainsaw in the house.

New and improved stand:

And, she's up!

We were so exhausted by the time we got it up we went right to bed.  We got it decorated (well, the bottom 3/4) the next day and all was well. 

We still haven't decorated the top...and this year, probably won't.  Er, definitely won't. 

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Andrea said...

Your tree was fantastic. Seriously fantastic.