Saturday, November 29, 2014

Haircuts No Longer Make the Cut

I miss the days when I had time to blog the minutia like is seriously kicking my butt this fall.  There was a small release of pressure as the big kids started school, but new things find their way onto our schedule every day.  And then there is toddler Wardie.  He is seriously a force.  He is bringing back some distant memories of one Amos Horne at this age.  I had a lot less on my plate when we were doing it with Amos though. 

In the spirit of a past life, here are some haircut pictures:

I didn't even get an after of Ward.  Or a before of Audrey!  Audrey's hair was so long though, and the battle to get her to let me brush it was just too much.  As I threatened to chop it off mid-battle she said, "ok!"  We've both been happier since.

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