Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Year of Darkness Begins Again

Ok, ok, I know the title is totally over-dramatic.  It's only kind of how I feel ;)  If you've ever moved and started over completely in a new place, you get it though.  And, I am talking really starting over, no family connections, no friends from college, not your hometown, etc.   

October started in a tailspin.  Our little ward at church has been praying for more families to move in, ward boundary changes (with the other Duvall ward that is, by perception, HUGE), anything to help our numbers.  Well, prayers were heard and answered, just not in the way I wanted.  Our church leadership re-aligned boundaries in our city, and a neighboring city in an effort to even things out.  The Big Rock ward is now everything we prayed for, just without us:

I did not take it well.  I've certainly passed judgement on those I think are being babies about ward changes in the past, and then I found myself right there with them-the biggest baby of all.  (Side note: almost every judgement I've ever passed in life has come back to haunt me. You'd think I'd learn to quit it).  To make matters worse, Eric and I went through the mourning process at different speeds, and I felt really, really alone in things (although it was somewhat satisfying when he finally caught up, though I was sad he was sad).

So far, we've been to church one week in our new ward. We stayed in the same building, but we changed times from 1 p.m. to 9 a.m.  We (mostly Audrey) weren't quite ready for the early wake up call:

I'm not one to pitch a fit and go inactive or anything, but there have certainly been many tears shed.  We threw ourselves head first into our relationships in the Big Rock ward, and while they're not gone, they will inevitably change.  And the thought of doing it all over again is scary.  I mean, I just did that, didn't I?  In terms of the last year, as I look back, I really question how I got through it.  It certainly wasn't with any flying colors.  Maybe this time?

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Kate said...

Change is hard but you will "rock" it!!! Go Carnation. Hopefully they'll recognize how awesome you all are right away. I mean, if anyone saw Audrey's face that Sunday morning, how could they not know?!?!