Friday, October 17, 2014

Swim Lessons for One

Part of the trade off for Audrey not going to preschool this year was that she would get to do some more activities.  Second on the list after dance class were more swim lessons.  She was so very close to getting it this summer, I thought for sure one more push and she'd have it.  We're a few weeks in, and if she could swim everywhere one her back she'd be golden.  For some reason she has no instinct to come up for air, and just swims until she runs out of gas and then just completely panics.  So, the backstroke works well.

I signed her up for a group lesson, but by some miracle I was the only one who did, so it's just Audrey and her teacher.  Getting private lessons for the group price seems fair considering the money pit this is becoming ;) 

The pool is very quiet with just Audrey's "class" and one other class of two little guys going.  Ward and I enjoy the relaxing time.  For some reason it's become hand holding time.

And, occasionally, pinching time.

It occurred to me that this is the very first time I've only had two kids at any kind of lesson.  By the time Amos was old enough for swim lessons, Maggie and Audrey existed.  There were certainly never any "mommy and me" classes.  There were pretty much always two "me(s)" to this "mommy."  Soccer, dance, t-ball, etc. I've always been hauling at least three kids.  I've got to say, only two is quite nice.

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