Friday, October 17, 2014

Dance Begins Again (with a twist!)

Shortly after school started, the girls began another season of dance class.  Now that they have an understanding of the costumes, recital, flowers, etc. they're totally on board.  They were really excited for classes to begin again.

Like last year, Ward and Amos get to hang out in the hallway with me, and they seem pretty used to the drill.  Amos was excited because dance class "screen time" doesn't count against his regular "screen time."  Which is all a big joke at this point since he can't tell time ;)  Imagine my surprise, though, when my little buddy's iPad was abandoned on the seat next to me and he disappeared...

I checked the bathroom, I checked the parking lot, and then one of the other moms said, "I think he's in there..."


So, this is happening:

He's really excited about it and I just can't argue with him being active.  If I thought last year's recital was awesome...

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Andrea said...

i love that he snuck in.