Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boo to you!

A most favorite Halloween tradition in Springville was "boo'ing."  I was most pleasantly surprised when last year, our first Halloween in Washington, we got boo'd.  Twice actually, someone tagged us a second time before I got the sign up from the first one.  Basically, you ding dong ditch a treat with a little ghost sign to hang on their door so everyone knows you've been hit, and a note to pass it on.  It's quite simple and fun. 

For Family Home Evening this week, we got our boo on.  In years past, I've put a little more effort into the treat plate.  This year we made plates of "as is" Halloween candy and then spent our time working on the ding dong ditching part.  We had the kids dress in all black, which they thought was quite fun.  As we all loaded up in the dark car though, super bright colorful lights started to flash.  From the back seat, Amos:

"WHO is wearing their light up shoes?????  AUD-REY!!!!!"

It was quite funny.  Truthfully though, we're about as stealth as a herd of elephants, so hopefully our victims have a good sense of humor :)

After the activity we had some awesome cookies Nan and Pop sent us for Halloween.  Some of us still eat with our entire faces.

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Andrea said...

Get candy, get candy, get candy. I have no idea if that amazing cookie was a reference to Jerry Seinfeld's halloween book, but it made me think of it. Boo-ing - never done it. I should start it here. Thanks for the idea. Happy Halloween.