Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Week

The first week of October is always nuts.  Both Amos and Audrey have birthdays, and it's General Conference for our church (which, I love to make into an event).  This year, I was not at all on my A game, but even simplified we had a very good week.

Audrey's birthday is first on October 1.  Eric had a conflict on her birthday, so we surprised her with a party a day early on Tuesday.  Eric took her upstairs for a break while Amos, Maggie, and I set out her presents and decorated her cupcakes.  The look on her face when we called her back downstairs was priceless.  I wish I'd been holding a camera instead of a cupcake. 

I am always impressed with how well Maggie takes the other kids' birthdays.  It definitely feels like everyone is getting presents but her.

Amos' birthday was on the 3rd, which worked out perfectly on a Friday night.  Cake and presents and called it good ;)

Conference was Saturday and Sunday, and it was nuts.  I think I heard nothing.  We tried though, and I am sure there are blessings in that.

I did finish my conference packet.  Not nearly as adorably as Maggie did though.

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Andrea said...

I seriously can't believe how big all of your kids are. Good job on finishing your conference packet. . . and blogging by the way. I love reading your blog.