Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bad Hair Day

The night Eric took the three big kids camping I had big plans...I put Ward to bed, turned on Parenthood (LOVE that show) and sat down with some American girl dolls (genuine and faux) to fix some hair.  I actually love projects like this, so it's not nearly as sad as it sounds. 

A while ago I saw a doll hair fix on Pinterest, so I put it to the test.  I didn't even bother measuring the fabric softener.  I filled a squirt bottle 3/4 with water and the rest with the fabric softener.  I sprayed and brushed.  That was it.  It did take the entire episode of Parenthood, however.

I'll let the girls' before and afters speak for themselves.



Maggie gave Sally a terrible, terrible hair cut, so I did trim off those crazy ends and style it.


*Names have not been changed.  We actually call them these names.

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