Friday, October 17, 2014

A Mouse in the House

(The picture is totally unrelated, but every blog should have something to look at.)

A couple weeks ago, Eric took the three big kids on an overnight camping trip leaving me home alone with Wardie (who has a crib he cannot escape which makes him favorite child).  My big night off was going smashingly until I went to get a drink from the refrigerator and a mouse ran out from underneath it.  Don't judge-mice are everywhere.  Faced with a huge dilemma, I decided I could convince myself mice can't climb stairs and I did not pursue it. 

The next day after Eric and the kids got back from their camping trip, Amos and I opened the pantry to get something.  Wouldn't you know, a teeny tiny little mouse came darting out.  I screamed so loud my throat hurt, you know the kind.  Poor Amos screamed even louder and started yelling:

"There's a rat! There's a rat! The house is not safe!!!!"

Drama queen.

I felt bad since my screaming probably did little to help the situation, so I said:

"It's just a tiny little mouse, like one of Cinderella's."

Audrey, who was witnessing all of this said,

"Wait, was it wearing clothes????"


Audrey: [Super angry] "That's not one of Cinderella's!!!!!"

It was hilarious.  And even more so since the mouse has been extracted.  We did talk with the kids, and they got to learn about the mouse traps.  Maybe they'll be more equipped than I was during my first mouse encounter.  It was in Springville, I didn't sleep for a week.  I really truly wanted to move.

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Andrea said...

i like her logic.