Friday, September 5, 2014

The Lost August

I *think* for the first time in the existence of my blog I went an entire month without blogging. August 2014 may go down in history as the longest month. Which followed July, the other longest month.

I'd be lying if I said this was a blissful, magical summer.  It wasn't.  It was full of incredible activities and adventure, but ingratitude seemed to hover over us at every turn.  And lack of sleep.  It was so, so rough for me.  The days were so long, and there were no breaks from the constant demands of my four little people.  They are great people, don't get me wrong, but apparently great people come with great needs and/or wants.

All of that, and it was really, really hot.  AC is a luxury in the northwest, and not one we have.  I seriously worried about the house being dangerously hot.  We tried an assortment of things including, but not limited to: cold baths and showers, ice packs, nakedness, frozen water bottle fan units, and evacuation (to Target, the movies, and Pickle Time).

At least the kids look cute without shirts on.

The sleep thing really killed me too.  We let the kids have a later bedtime, since it was summer and all, but they pushed the limit every. single. night.  And, of, course, did not have the courtesy to sleep in. At. All. If, by some miracle, we managed to keep them out of our room, they would be asleep in the hall.  When school started we asked Audrey when she was going to sleep in her bed again:

"Neva, eva!" 

She clearly didn't have a calm, relaxing night of sleep.

Note the light.  That iPad was on. And blasting sound.

Now, don't get me wrong, the summer wasn't all bad, but I do have a deep understanding of why my mom sent us to every summer camp ever.  I have never been a fan of summer anyway, but small needy kids and summer: BLECH! 

August did have some actual events: a BIG trip to Idaho, more swim lessons, Kids Camp, Remlinger Farms, and Ward's 2nd birthday.  Those will get their own posts though.  They're not part of the post of darkness.

I'll leave you with a miscellaneous cellphone dump round-up:

Licking the brownie bowl:

Family movie night:

Light-night lego building:

A way to beat the heat I didn't mention before:

Target, my personal Old Faithful:

 And, summer's least enjoyed development (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED):

Which led to lots of this:

Ah, sweet September,  I adore thee.

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