Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Lost August: Western Idaho Fair

Post-cousin's week we stuck around an extra couple of days in Eagle.  One of those days we got to go to the fair!  The fair is always fun, and usually the kids just go and go on ride after ride.  It was a little bit different this time, with Maggie's weather fears, and Amos being incredibly hesitant about the rides, but we managed to make it work. 

The Fun Slide never disappoints.  I accidentally took the picture with a filter on.  Sooo artsy!

Ah, settings fixed:

Amos was so scared, but he really tried hard to be brave.  He was definitely happiest on what I would consider the baby rides though ;)

Mag's is a ride fanatic!  Unfortunately, it got a little windy, and the sky turned gray.  She was not a happy camper.  She plugged her ears and powered on though.

Most all of the rides (except for the big scary ones) had a height requirement of 42 inches.  Audrey was just perfect!  She got stopped at every single measuring check point though and I think it confused the heck out of her.  She was my happiest rider though!

Maggie begged and begged to go home once it started to get dark, but she would forget every time she saw a new ride.  We did eventually leave, cotton candy in hand.

Amos was lucky his cousins could hang a little better than we could and he got to stay until the fair closed and even watched all of the animals getting loaded up for the night.  

Thanks Grammy for taking us to the fair, Grampy for watching Ward at home, and Iversons for staying late!

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Andrea said...

Looks like fun. I love going to fairs.