Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Lost August: Ward Campout

August marked a Horne family first: we ALL went camping.  When they announced a change from the annual Ward (church) pool party to a camping trip, I was super bummed.  Camping is pretty low on my list of things I like to do. 

BUT, Eric went above and beyond and made the camping trip fantastic.  He made sure we had all the right gear and equipment so we were comfortable.  We camped at a church owned campground that had a pretty awesome set-up.  See tents:

One key to our success on this trip was that I made my peace with the filth.  And the kids were filthy:

Filthiness aside, the kids had an awesome time.  They ran wild with all of the other kids and for the first time I can remember left me alone for longer than 10 minute periods.  They just played and played.  

At night, the weather turned arctic.  It was incredibly cold.  No one slept well, which was a "good" thing, because Ward decided to scream hysterically every hour.  At least everyone was already awake from the cold.  I hate losing sleep, but I did get an amazing nap Saturday afternoon after we got home.

Bed time:

We had better cellphone service than we get at our house:

I am happy to report, we will camp again.  We'll just pack some warmer clothes.

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Andrea said...

i'm pretty positive your ward is WAY cooler than mine. I want to go on a ward camping trip. P.S The "filth" pictures made me laugh pretty hard.