Monday, September 15, 2014

The Lost August: That one really big event

I cannot believe I overlooked Wardie's second birthday in my August blogging.  Sheesh.  Maybe I am lost. 

On August 14th Ward turned 2!  He was very unexpectedly born three weeks early, and his birthday is still catching me off guard.  On his actual birthday, I was in charge of a relief society activity for church on top of packing and getting up super early the next morning to drive to Idaho. So...we postponed Wardie's birthday celebrations until after we got back from Idaho.  We didn't say one word on the actual day, didn't even tell the other kids :)

When the time finally came though, we partied hard at the Space Needle!

The big kids know they LOVE the view, passing notes on the windows (which are rotating around the diners) and the smoking ice cream dessert.   They all chose it unanimously for Wardie.

At some point, when I had my phone out, Ward caught a glimpse of himself on the camera.  He loved it, and his first instinct was to tickle himself.

Another thing Ward was impressed by was the spinning floor.  He thought that was pretty cool.  (the carpeted part is rotating around).

We were barely seated and the kids were right to work writing notes to post on the window.

Someone very talented was sitting downwind of us, and we got back some nifty cranes.  Those were a hit.

It was broad daylight when we got to the Space Needle, but we ate so long, we got to see the sunset and the city at night.  Very, very cool.  None of us have ever done that before.

And, of course, there was a smoking sundae for the birthday boy.  It scared him at first and he totally tried to bail. Funny guy.

Once he figured out it was made of ice cream, he was all for it.

So, there it is.  My baby is 2!  

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Annie H. said...

What an awesome birthday celebration for Ward!! I want to go there someday! How COOL!!