Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lost August: Kids' Camp

In August, the kids attended the second annual Duvall Kids' Camp.  A very brave, and industrious family from church takes a couple weeks every summer and puts on summer camp for the 3-10 year old crowd.  It was one of the first activities Amos and Maggie did after we moved here last summer and they were definitely looking forward to it again.  As an added bonus, Audrey was old enough this year! 

Kids camp has a couple highlights.  On Monday, the kids make a pinata to take to task the last day of camp.  I think last year they made Charlie Brown, this year, it was a dragon:

Pretty good, huh?  We arrived in time to see them do the pinata on the last day.  Ward, who was with me for drop-off and pick-up, ran right into the line of kids and was ready to take his turn. 

The other highlight of Kids' Camp are the tie-dye t-shirts.  They make them on the first day, and then wear them pretty much every day for the rest of the summer.  We had a ward gathering not that long ago, and I had to smile at all of the tie-dye t-shirts running around.

I was so ready for kids camp and the mornings off from 3/4 kids.  Maggie had other plans though.  The second day of camp when I picked her up, she was acting VERY strangely.  She was pretty much panicking.  It wasn't until I got her home and she calmed down that she told me she was worried about the weather...I knew she'd been a bit skittish during the summer storms, but this was the first time she hadn't been at home.  Maggie refused to go the next two days of camp and I practically had to drag her to drop-off and pick-up.  It was weird and frustrating.  Normally, I'd force the kid to tough it out, but her breakdowns are real and not to be toyed around with. 

I managed to catch her "coping" with her anxiety when she wanted to watch the pinata.  She plugs her ears and refuses to unplug them for any reason:

Earlier this spring, Maggie was having a sleepover with her cousins and there was a terrible storm.  The kind of storm we don't get here.  It seems the experience has really gotten to her.  It's been exhausting to try to help her through it.  I could handle it if she was scared of thunder and lightning, because like I said, we don't get those much, but the fear now extends to gray skies, dusk, and, I kid you not, the shadow of buildings.  Any inkling of an inkling of a storm and she loses it.  And I do mean loses it.  We've talked with the doctor about it, and not even he could convince her we would keep her safe.  It's really sad because she's really that upset, but it doesn't seem like anyone can fix it for her?  I am praying this passes soon.  I mean, we live in the Pacific northwest!?!?! it could be a long winter...

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