Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Lost August: Cousin Week!

Sometime at the beginning of the summer, a plan was hatched to get the Sookhoos to visit Idaho.  They haven't been since Anna's wedding, and well, that was at least two babies ago.  Thankfully, the Sookhoos agreed and "Cousin Week" (a.k.a "Hell Week') was on.  All of the Shaver grandkids would be together at once.  Liz got a pretty good headstart on the rest of us with the childbearing, but the rest of us have certainly made up for lost time.  12 of the 14 grandkids are 7 and under.  And 8 of those are under the age of 5.  Yikes. 

I didn't bring my real camera on the trip, and I did not do a good job of remembering to take pictures with my cellphone.  We were a little busy, as you can imagine.  Hopefully you follow my sisters' or my dad's blogs so you can see their pictures too.

When we go to Idaho to visit Grammy and Grampy, we certainly have our favorite traditions.  Every once and a while we do something new.  This time it was all you can eat frozen yogurt.  I cannot even believe we've never been before.  Amazing. We may have gone twice.  Once with the kids and once without.

The splash pad is always fun, though this time Amos was so over it.  Poor guy.

The Boise Aquarium never disappoints.  I didn't manage to get a picture of it, but there was a real live mermaid in one of the tanks.  She kept Ward pretty busy as he followed her back and forth.

Ward wouldn't go near the pool until the second to last day.  Grampy spent some time with him swimming and that seemed to help.  He liked the hot tub anyway.

We had a great time monkeying around and just letting the kids guide the action.  The cousins love each other and they all got along great. 

It was no small feat to get us all in one place, so thanks to everyone for making it happen!

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Andrea said...

You guys had a cousins camp! Sounds like fun. Chaos, but fun.