Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School!

Today was our second day back to school, and in a lot of ways, it feels like no time at all has passed since I was just doing this.  Loading up all of the kids to head to the bus stop is bringing on some serious deja vu. 

In reality though, this is a VERY big deal.  It is the first time I have had even one child in all day school, much less two.  Around these parts they do half-day kindergarten but offer full day if you're willing to pay $$$.  As a much needed gift to myself, I enrolled Mags in all-day kindergarten.  In some ways, it is a total luxury (I am a stay at home mom, she is my job) and in others, it is so necessary for the sanity of our family.  The half-day schedule last year kicked my butt.  Hard.  It was no good for the other kids either.  Wardie didn't get a full nap all year.  So, Amos and Maggie are on the exact same schedule, ride the same bus, etc., etc. and it is GLORIOUS.  Ward, Audrey, and I have a full, uninterrupted day of togetherness, also GLORIOUS.

Anyway, onto the interesting stuff...

We don't have to wake up particularly early for elementary school, but I guess we were still riding out our summer hangover:

Thankfully, they perked up a little bit after breakfast.  Though Amos pretty much nailed the "just rolled out of bed" look.

Gotta get one more year out of those backpacks...

The first grader:

The Kindergartener:

Audrey is pretty mad that she isn't going to school.  She was feeling pretty left out that morning. 

Ward, as usual, was just happy to be included.

Eric was able to join us for the morning, so we all headed to the bus stop together.  We were early and the bus was late...we had a fun time hanging out.

Ward back in his usual spot hanging at the bus stop:

When the bus finally came, Maggie was ready to go.  With a wave she was off.  Thankfully Tami, the bus driver, (same as last year and she's awesome!) made her stop for a picture.

But then she was off again.

We followed the bus to school, and joined the throngs of parents to say goodbye outside of the school.  Both kids found the line for their class and were waiting patiently to go inside. 

Sidenote: Maggie has developed a fear of thunder and lightning this summer, which really warrants its own post.  Nevertheless, I'll mention it here because it affected her waiting to go into school.  It affected just about everything this summer.  Ready for your heart to break???

Terrible, isn't it?  Never fear, she was just fine once they told her she could go inside:

After the kids went inside, Eric headed off to work, and it was just Audrey, Wardie, and me.  It's a good thing I'd booked Wardie a well-child check-up first thing that morning.  And that I'd put off grocery shopping so that we desperately needed to go to Costco.  Just 6 short hours later, Amos and Maggie were back, no worse for the wear.

Can't wait to do this all year!

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Andrea said...

I'm so impressed with the no tears leaving for school.. . and thunder and lightning can be terrifying. Poor mags. Enjoy the long days with 2 kids and not a crazy pick up, drop off, run everywhere schedule.