Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Found

Things are going smashingly now that we've got a couple weeks of school under our belts.  Amos and Maggie are both loving it.  They have good teachers and the routine is so great for all of us.

At lunchtime, the PTSA sponsors a contest to help the kids behave.  I am not sure the exact parameters, but Maggie's table was first done cleaning up and sitting quietly and her name was drawn from the table to pick a prize.  Holy, lucky girl:

It's true love if I ever saw it:

Our luck continued at the back to school BBQ.  Again, the PTSA sponsored a raffle.  Each grade has a theme and then a basket is put together from donations for each class.  I happened to have $10 in my pocket, so I figured, what the heck? the kids will think it's fun.   The odds were not in favor of our 10 little tickets.  But, wouldn't you know, in all the excitement little Audrey Horne's name was the first called.  Ironically, she won the basket from Amos' class, so I got my donation back ;)

The other kids did not take it so well.  Maggie laid on the floor wailing, "but she doesn't even go here!!!!"  Of course, once Audrey agreed to share, everyone was fine.  I don't think they have any idea how lucky they are.  It was like Christmas morning.

Little Christmas aside, the best part of full-time school is that our sleep schedule has gone back to normal.  Whew.  It is amazing to have kids that sleep again!

I will say, our first full weekend the kids managed to pack in all of the house destroying and snacking they missed while they were at school.   They did some serious damage and it took me all of Monday and some of Tuesday to put things back together.  Its so worth it though.

Ward and Audrey, or "the new class" as I like to call them, are really fun to hang out with when I can give them my full attention.  It's interesting watching them learn to play just the two of them, and they're becoming great buddies.  Wardie follows Audrey wherever she goes and she's happy to "guide" (read: boss) him.

So, halfway through September, so far, so good.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Lost August: That one really big event

I cannot believe I overlooked Wardie's second birthday in my August blogging.  Sheesh.  Maybe I am lost. 

On August 14th Ward turned 2!  He was very unexpectedly born three weeks early, and his birthday is still catching me off guard.  On his actual birthday, I was in charge of a relief society activity for church on top of packing and getting up super early the next morning to drive to Idaho. So...we postponed Wardie's birthday celebrations until after we got back from Idaho.  We didn't say one word on the actual day, didn't even tell the other kids :)

When the time finally came though, we partied hard at the Space Needle!

The big kids know they LOVE the view, passing notes on the windows (which are rotating around the diners) and the smoking ice cream dessert.   They all chose it unanimously for Wardie.

At some point, when I had my phone out, Ward caught a glimpse of himself on the camera.  He loved it, and his first instinct was to tickle himself.

Another thing Ward was impressed by was the spinning floor.  He thought that was pretty cool.  (the carpeted part is rotating around).

We were barely seated and the kids were right to work writing notes to post on the window.

Someone very talented was sitting downwind of us, and we got back some nifty cranes.  Those were a hit.

It was broad daylight when we got to the Space Needle, but we ate so long, we got to see the sunset and the city at night.  Very, very cool.  None of us have ever done that before.

And, of course, there was a smoking sundae for the birthday boy.  It scared him at first and he totally tried to bail. Funny guy.

Once he figured out it was made of ice cream, he was all for it.

So, there it is.  My baby is 2!  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Lost August: Last Act

Our last act of summer was to all go to the doctor for my birth control shot.  It "expired" the day before school started, so waiting for the kids to be in school didn't seem worth it.  Getting a sitter for all four kids usually feels like more trouble than it's worth, so, we went.

When the nurse said, "Depo, right?" and I said, "Yes, please," we both burst into laughter.  Oh, it was funny.

Here's to September, may it not be lost!

The Lost August: Ward Campout

August marked a Horne family first: we ALL went camping.  When they announced a change from the annual Ward (church) pool party to a camping trip, I was super bummed.  Camping is pretty low on my list of things I like to do. 

BUT, Eric went above and beyond and made the camping trip fantastic.  He made sure we had all the right gear and equipment so we were comfortable.  We camped at a church owned campground that had a pretty awesome set-up.  See tents:

One key to our success on this trip was that I made my peace with the filth.  And the kids were filthy:

Filthiness aside, the kids had an awesome time.  They ran wild with all of the other kids and for the first time I can remember left me alone for longer than 10 minute periods.  They just played and played.  

At night, the weather turned arctic.  It was incredibly cold.  No one slept well, which was a "good" thing, because Ward decided to scream hysterically every hour.  At least everyone was already awake from the cold.  I hate losing sleep, but I did get an amazing nap Saturday afternoon after we got home.

Bed time:

We had better cellphone service than we get at our house:

I am happy to report, we will camp again.  We'll just pack some warmer clothes.

The Lost August: Western Idaho Fair

Post-cousin's week we stuck around an extra couple of days in Eagle.  One of those days we got to go to the fair!  The fair is always fun, and usually the kids just go and go on ride after ride.  It was a little bit different this time, with Maggie's weather fears, and Amos being incredibly hesitant about the rides, but we managed to make it work. 

The Fun Slide never disappoints.  I accidentally took the picture with a filter on.  Sooo artsy!

Ah, settings fixed:

Amos was so scared, but he really tried hard to be brave.  He was definitely happiest on what I would consider the baby rides though ;)

Mag's is a ride fanatic!  Unfortunately, it got a little windy, and the sky turned gray.  She was not a happy camper.  She plugged her ears and powered on though.

Most all of the rides (except for the big scary ones) had a height requirement of 42 inches.  Audrey was just perfect!  She got stopped at every single measuring check point though and I think it confused the heck out of her.  She was my happiest rider though!

Maggie begged and begged to go home once it started to get dark, but she would forget every time she saw a new ride.  We did eventually leave, cotton candy in hand.

Amos was lucky his cousins could hang a little better than we could and he got to stay until the fair closed and even watched all of the animals getting loaded up for the night.  

Thanks Grammy for taking us to the fair, Grampy for watching Ward at home, and Iversons for staying late!