Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Sitcom Kid

Audrey has turned into a little one-liner extraordinaire.  She always chimes in with some funny little thing at just the right time.  Her comedic timing is amazing.  She could out-do Full House era Mary-Kate and Ashley on their best day. 

On the flip side, she has not had enough sleep all summer.  She can be a total terror.  Today, at swim class, it was terror.  She wasn't cooperating at all, and her teacher called me over to talk to her.  Audrey informed me she had practiced enough.  That's right, at the ripe old age of three, she was done swimming.  We talked her down and her teacher got her ready to do the next exercise.  Her teacher pushed her out into the water to give her some momentum to get swimming (think of the running start when learning to ride a bike), but Audrey kept true to her word.  She didn't move a muscle and sunk straight to the bottom.  Totally motionless.  At this point, it was much more art film than sitcom kid.  I wouldn't have guessed a kid could drop like a rock to the bottom of the pool without panicking.  Impressive, really.  She stayed there, completely still, under water until her teacher yanked her back up.  What a punk.

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