Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Shavers do Duvall (And Seattle, And Kirkland, And Kenmore, and Carnation)

We were very lucky this past weekend to have a visit from Grammy and Grampy Shaver and Aunt Meg.  It seems like we don't get as many visitors as we did in Utah, so we're always glad for company.

Thanks to Meg, we got brave and headed into the city.  We haven't really taken the kids there too much yet.  Something about a stroller in Pike Place seems all wrong (and it would have been thanks to Eric and Papa who stayed home with Wardie).

We enjoyed walking a little bit on the piers, and rode the Seattle Great Wheel.  A first for me too!  Amos didn't want to go, so he and Grammy worked on winning some tickets at the carnival.  The girls enjoyed the wheel.  I did not.

The market was fun.  You can't beat the fresh flowers, that's for sure.

We had yummy lunch at a great little deli and then headed back for the hills (or valley).

The "purpose" of Grammy and Grampy's visit, other than to see us, of course, was to attend the Western Washington All British Field Meet with one of Papa's Magnettes.

Before we got out of the car at the show, we had a good talk with the kids about how they shouldn't touch ANY of the cars.  Wouldn't you know, the very first car we approached the guy said, "Hey, do you want to get in?"  The kids looked at him horrified.  Eventually, we convinced them it really was ok and they took some cute pictures.  So funny.

Eventually it was time for the Shavers to return to Idaho, and we've looked like this pretty much ever since:


Annie H. said...

How FUN!! I didn't know that Seattle had a "London Eye" type ferris wheel. How FUN! Makes me want to bring Avery immediately. Ok, and I LOVE the picture of Amos in the car, with his arm casually draped over the seat. And Audrey (right?) looking on skeptically. It cracked me up!

Laura Horne said...

You know, I meant to look up when the Great Wheel opened, because I think it snuck in while I wasn't paying attention either...I don't remember it from our earlier visits anyway. You should definitely bring Avery AND come see us! And totally Audrey scowling behind Amos ;)

Laura Horne said...

Ah, 2012. So just before we moved here. It wasn't there while we were vacationing here.