Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swim Lessons

Behind the 4th of July, swim lessons are my favorite summer event.  The kids are always so brave and learn so much.  It's awesome to see them grow.  This year, Audrey is finally old enough to go and that is a big deal.  She was always a great sport about sitting on the side and watching, it is so nice that her time has finally come.

I told the kids I wanted to get pictures before we left, and they insisted on posing in the yard.  This is purely their own doing:

I did make them turn around so the sun wasn't in their eyes.  It didn't help.  Still didn't get them all looking at the same time.

Who knew the chicken was going to be the best at looking at the camera?

This morning Amos wanted to document their second day of swim lessons:

Only 6 days left, it definitely feels too short!

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