Saturday, July 12, 2014

Still talking about that dance recital...

I know, we've all heard enough about the dance recital...EXCEPT some new information has come to light ;)  I got the girls' studio pictures today:

Ha, I think Audrey received the direction to "show us jazz hands."  That pose is just so great.

Also, I was talking to one of the women involved in the recital, and she gave me a little more back story on the instruments.  Her friend that donated them for the performance noticed that the first one Audrey picked up was missing one of it's parts, and after all of that running around Audrey did, she reunited the two pieces from separate places in the line of instruments.  She wasn't being crazy, she was making things right ;) She is awesome.

And, I finally got Eric's video uploaded to Youtube.  It's the best quality for sure:

And that really is the last of it.  Until next year that is.

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Andrea said...

Oh, that video. That was great.