Monday, July 28, 2014

Another swim class post

Sinking three year old aside, swim lessons went fantastically.  Maggie came out of nowhere with the swim skills and advanced two classes in the first couple days.  Technically, she passed Amos, but they're in different age brackets, so we'll call it apples and oranges.  Amos went in swimming, but he really took a liking to the races.  The boy is a bit competitive. 

 I thought the girls being in the same class was really cute.  It seems like that might be the last time that happens for a while now.

There is major construction going on on the road between our house and swim lessons.  It seemed we were 30 minutes early, or 5 minutes late and it was completely out of our control.  The 30 minutes early days were actually pretty fun, the kids liked watching the other lessons happening:

The last day of class:

Mag's mad swim skills got her bumped from the kiddie pool into the lanes.  She looked so small swimming in those giant lanes:

Adorable, right?

And we can't forget this guy, spectator extraordinaire.  Amazingly enough, with his August birthday he can go to the very last session of swim lessons next summer!  

The last day of class they teach water safety.  It's always a good time.  The highlight had to be Audrey's teacher trying to convince her to throw a life jacket out to the "drowning" swimmer.  As of now, if Audrey's your only hope on shore, you're out of luck ;)

The last couple days of swim class Audrey turned it around and really seemed to be on the edge of making some important advances towards, we registered for TWO MORE WEEKS.  We're all pretty excited.  Amos advanced to Guppy (same level as Maggie, but an older class), Maggie is rocking the Ray class and Audrey was almost an Eel. All of the Pike classes were booked, so they told me to put her in Eels...either she'll rise to the challenge or we'll have more stories for the book of Audrey.

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