Saturday, July 12, 2014

Eagle, ID June 2014

About May, I realized there weren't enough weeks in the summer to accomodate all of the different plans I was making...At the top of the list though, was a trip to Idaho.  So, the first full week of summer we packed up the car and headed to Grammy and Grampy's house.

The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and we got to spend some time with the Catmulls before they head to Arizona for medical school.

New to this visit were the raspberries!  They've never been in season while we've been there before, but boy, did we make up for lost time.  The kids picked and ate to their little hearts' content.  I think it was the third day that I dared to utter "I think I'm raspberrie'd out."  We all picked and ate all week long, but the one time I had the camera out was when they were all out in their jammies.  Classic.

 A quick walk from the raspberries was Papa's shop where he and Uncle Shawn were working hard on a car project.  The kids, raspberries still in hand, enjoyed a field trip.

We've managed to schedule in another trip later this summer, and this time the Sookhoos will be there!  I am going to have to be MUCH better with the camera that week.

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Kate said...

Love it! Can't wait to see you. Ps. Their pjs are so fancy!