Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten Complete

This one is for Eric, he's such a strong support of things like "kindergarten graduations:"

Today, Amos' kindergarten class had a small ceremony and party for the end of school.  Several papers came home from school about it.  They all said it started at 2:30, one said it started at 2:00.  I rolled in with Ward and Audrey at 2:25 (early!) just in time to catch Amos getting his certificate and to miss pretty much everyone else's.  That worked out in my favor.  Not sure if they did anything else though?

Amos had an interesting year in kindergarten.  He LOVED his teacher, Mrs. Davis.  Like, on Saturdays he would say, "I'm sad it's Saturday because that means I don't get to see Mrs. D."

About October though, Amos started to show some anxiety and didn't like school anymore.  I feared he was being bullied.  I asked him a lot of questions about the kids, and how they played together, etc.  All seemed well on that front.  It wasn't until my parent-teacher conference in November that I learned who the real bully was-common core.  The poor kid felt so much pressure from the testing required by the common core, he was sobbing his eyes out =(  Not cool.  Thankfully, we were able to work with him through it, and he started loving school again.

I wasn't able to volunteer in Amos' class this year, and that made us both pretty sad.  They don't let siblings come, and finding a regular sitter just wasn't happening.  I helped how I could (like counting box tops at home), but I felt so disconnected from his school experience.  Someday...

Look at this cool guy:

The classroom was pretty crowded, so I left Ward and Audrey in the hall.  They didn't seem to mind, especially since they got party food.

There was seriously so much frosting on that cupcake. 

So, that's it.  Kindergarten complete.  Weird.


Kate said...

Congrats to AMOS!!! Crazy that you have a first grader!

Andrea said...

Yay Amos! On to summer!