Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

The girls dance recital was today!  It's been a long time coming.  They were so excited, and so brave.  Neither one of them batted an eye about going up on stage in front of all those people...

The girls did two numbers: they were part of the opening act, "rock n' roll music," and their class performed "Under the Sea."

A snippet from the opening number (girls are in the front on the right wearing blue shirts):

Auds has the moves, just a few seconds early?  The minute the lights went up and the music kicked on Audrey was hopping in that circle.  It was awesome. 

The big finish with guitars in the air:

And a second later, Audrey throws hers:

She paused briefly to rub her eye, but there was no nose picking!

Their class was the first of the little kids to go, and a collective, "awwww!" could be heard as the lights came up on them.  They were adorable, and a lot better than their dress rehearsal, surprisingly. 

I actually caught Audrey and Maggie doing the same move at the same time:

As you can see, there were bubbles going during their dance.  That was new for them, and sort of hilarious because you could tell they all just want to go pop them. 

Here is the video Amos shot.  He did pretty good.  A couple things to watch for:

Wardie makes an appearance at the 49 second mark.

About 1:32 the dancers go to pick up musical instruments for their dance.  Approximately 1:37 Audrey slide tackles another dancer for an instrument (bottom left hand side).  For the next several seconds she runs around the stage from instrument to instrument.  At 2:08 the entire audience cheers as Audrey finally settles back into the line with the first instrument she picked up 30 seconds earlier.

I cried I was laughing so hard.  What a good, good day.  I really hope I get to watch them in a million more of these.

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