Friday, June 6, 2014

2 in August

Lately, it feels like people have been asking me how old Ward is a lot.  I always have to stop and think really hard, so I've resorted to "he'll be 2 in August."  Then they have to do the math.  But then I think, "2 in August!"  We might have to stop referring to him as a baby :( 

Truthfully, he is a lot less "baby-like" every day.  He's turned into quite the sassy pants, who won't be left behind.  He is obsessed with the great outdoors.  The first thing he does when he wakes up is to throw on his boots (or his sister's, or whoever's are closest) and heads for the back door.  He is often in the backyard in his pajamas and rain boots.

Ward is the most affectionate kid I have ever met.  Quite often, he stops dead in his tracks and comes and finds me for a hug.  If I make eye contact with him while he's playing, he stops what he's doing and comes for a kiss.  It's amazing.

Ward has one really fun quirk-if you say "no" to him in any way, he throws himself face first into the floor/couch/bed/etc. and "pouts."  It's quite funny.

We can laugh at him, because eventually he forgets you told him "no" and is right back to his usual happy self.

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