Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I know, a bit out of order here, but you get what you get, and...

Last weekend we were excited to find out that Eric had Memorial Day off and we had a 3-day weekend! We also knew that was much too long for him at home with us without a plan.  So, we planned.  A camping trip.  If you know me at know I must REALLY love Eric and the kids to plan a camping trip.  I don't even like to stay at hotels that are less nice than my house.

Planning completed, we loaded up and headed to a cabin that my Dad owns in Oregon.

We were pretty jazzed to go, but when the 2.5 hour drive turned into 3 hours, and then 4, we were tired!  A quick stop at McDonald's perked us right back up though.

And, it's a good thing too, because when we got there, there was no "there."  The driveway was gone!  So, maybe no one has been there in many, many years.  Oops.  Eric hiked up through the tall grass and found the cabin, so we knew we were at the right place.  He came back for us, and we all hiked through the tall grass.  It was taller than Audrey.  She wasn't too into that.

Once we made it out of the grass, we found a cabin destroyed :(  Sadly, things inside were not as they should have been.  Someone-ranging from "bad men" to "bored kids" in our efforts to explain it to the kids-had ransacked the place and cleared it out completely.  Copper wires and all.

Maggie, who is hilarious, came out of the wrecked cabin, and said,

"Mom! There is a horror in there!!!!  There is only ONE BATHROOM."

Yeah, that's the dealbreaker there ;)  Ironically, the hotel we ended up checking into later had TWO BATHROOMS.  Lesson not learned.

So, knowing we couldn't stay in the cabin, we backtracked into town and started calling hotels.  On Memorial Day weekend.  Everything was booked, or $$$$.  We gathered the kids together and talked about our options.  I, for one, was all for going back home.  Maggie and Amos were not having it.  So, Eric made one more phone call to "Scary by the sea" suites and found a room that was only $.  He booked it and we headed another hour and a half to Seaside, OR.

It turns out, someone was looking out for us, because the room was BEAUTIFUL.  And not scary.  It had two bedrooms, a kitchen, the previously mentioned two bathrooms, and a washer and dryer (which we needed desperately since the drive down became a game of who can pee your pants the most times.  Audrey was grand champion going three times in 45 minutes).

In the hotel suite (more like sa-weet!) we made s'mores on the stove, and played a lot of "Go Fish."  Maggie, who cannot say "go fish," but instead says, "gold fish" managed to make up a card game "drinking game."  Every time you said "go fish" you had to eat a gold fish (cracker).  We ate a lot of gold fish.  And all of the rest of our camping food...which seems much more gluttonous in a hotel room than it does outside.

After a great night and morning in the hotel we headed to the beach...yeah, the beach.  I feel about the beach how I feel about camping.  It's like someone took all of my least favorite things and scheduled them in a row.  Someone being me!

The beach was actually a blast, and the kids had a great time.  If you've never been to the Oregon coast, then you are truly missing out on one of life's great contradictions-swimsuits and sweatshirts.

After the beach we had lunch and checked out Seaside.  Very cool town.  We definitely need to go back.  And, we'll definitely be staying at "Scary by the sea" suites.

There was one more event in the "do all of Laura's least favorite things in one weekend" trifecta-but I'll leave that for another post.


Kate said...

You left us hanging! Love it again. Way to make your own fun!

Andrea said...

1- I love the way you write. It cracks me up.
2- I love all the pictures.
3- You should try beach camping. Both of your favorite things combined into one. ;)