Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flashback to Easter for a quick minute

I blogged the "Easter outfits" pictures of the kids, but I never really blogged any of the other parts of Easter.  We did the egg dyeing, of course, and an egg hunt.

The egg dyeing was pretty darn stressful to me, but the eggs turned out great, and the kids were happy.

The egg hunt was super mellow.  Candy isn't that exciting to the kids (because they eat it all the time), so once they got all of the eggs there was kind of an "meh" feeling to the day.  Oh well.

They did sing an AWESOME song in church, and I was so proud of them.  We downloaded the song on to their ipads a couple weeks before, so they actually knew the words and sang them!

Click here for a little snippet of the girls singing "Gethsemane."

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