Saturday, May 31, 2014

Duvall Days'd

Happy Duvall Days!

Last year, just a couple weeks after we moved here, Eric took the kids out for breakfast.  Upon exiting the restaurant after breakfast, they found all of the roads closed and a parade going on!  Duvall Days 2013 was under way and we didn't even know it.

This year, we were ready.  The girls went to a cheer clinic, so they got to walk in the kids' parade with the cheerleaders.  They felt pretty special.

The boys didn't mind hanging out on the street with their drinks and snacks.

The parade gets bigger every year, I hear, but it might tell you something that one of the highlights are the tractors.

I told Eric if he's nice to me, this will be us when we get old:

And if he's mean to me, I'll make him ride this one:

The true highlight of the parade are the dancing horses, band, and dancers representing our local Mexican restaurant.  They are amazing!

Live action:

Yes, I promised Maggie a horse.  Whoops.

After the parade we had lunch, got snowcones, colored on Main St. with chalk, went "fishing", played a bean bag toss, and probably some other stuff.

As part of the cheer clinic, the girls got to meet up with the cheerleaders later in the afternoon and they taught them some cheers and moves.  Super cute.  Maggie and Audrey were some of the youngets girls, but they did great.  Mostly.

Audrey took a break to dig for buried treasure.  Classic.

After the cheer clinic (I know, the day's not over yet, right?), there were bounce houses, a petting zoo, and pony rides.

And, now, my friends we're home. Exhausted.


Kate said...

What a great day!!! Lucky kids!

Andrea said...

I wanna hang out with the Hornes!

Laura Horne said...

Come to Duvall, Andrea! You can hang. Just know half of your life will be spent taking potty breaks.