Saturday, April 5, 2014

Idaho in April

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks here, I tell ya!  This week we celebrated our first official "spring break."  Not wanting to spend a week at home with nothing to do but destroy the house, I packed up the kids and headed to Idaho to destroy Grammy and Grampy's house.

We had a GREAT pair of travel days.  I made a critical error and *almost* ran out of gas.  There is a very desolate stretch of eastern Oregon that I had no memory of, and we made it through on a prayer.  Gas light was on as I pulled into the first gas station I'd seen in HOURS.  As someone who has never seen her gas light, it was very traumatic.

The kids were great in the car, though I would certainly change their movie choices.  They watched Frozen THREE times on the way there.  Wardie added "Let it go" to his vocabulary.  Which, is saying a lot since he previously only had three words.  I really should have been grateful for Frozen day though, because on the trip home they watched Horton Hears a Who FIVE times.  FIVE.  They finally all fell asleep and I switched it to a primary songs cd.  Heavenly.

In Eagle we kept it pretty simple.  The cousins get along great, and they played and played.  The first day Amos got sick and spent a good amount of time on the couch, poor guy.  He passed it on to his cousins, and then they spent a day on the couch :(  It might have gotten dubbed "the worst cousin trip ever!"  (Aside from the sickness, a bully at the Chik Fil A play area was a big factor.  A real bully, he hit all the kids and kicked Ward in the face!  Not cool).  Hopefully, that won't be what the kids remember, it's not what the pictures show anyway.

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