Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday dinner talk

Yesterday at dinner we had a great talk with the kids about feeling and hearing the Holy Ghost.  Amos had learned about it in primary and my lesson in Relief Society had been about receiving personal revelation (from this talk).  Eric told a story from his mission, and I talked about how I knew it was right to marry Eric.  There was a sweet Spirit in the room, and when Audrey said, "The Holy Ghost told me something," I thought, this is going to be awesome!

And it was awesome:

"Him said that Amos is mean.  Him a mean boy."

We got a good laugh, anyway.

Side note: Amos has been mean to Audrey lately.  I even captured him shoving her away, while hugging Maggie:

Sheesh.  Audrey's no angel either though...


Anna said...

Ha, that is awesome! Audrey :) she is a smart one. And I can't believe how big everyone looks.

Andrea said...

poor audrey. ;)