Thursday, February 6, 2014

School Pictures

This year Amos missed picture day when we went to The Great Wolf Lodge in October, and retakes day was when we went to Florida in December.  The only two times he's missed school all year.  Poor little man is going to be "not pictured" in his first yearbook :( 

Thankfully, Maggie goes to a private school and they were totally willing (because I paid them) to take Amos' pictures so I would at least have a kindergarten year picture. They offered to do Audrey's too, but she was in her jammies and hadn't brushed her hair.  For a few days.


Oh, and they did a "buddy shot."  It's my favorite, except for the blue background.  Those two are so tight, it's ridiculous.


Kate said...

Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous kids, although I would have liked to have seen one of Audrey!

lizi said...

Should have gotten one of Audrey for posterity. I love those. I can't believe how old Amos has gotten. He looks so mature.