Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No School Today!

Today Amos had a "weather related issues" day.  School was cancelled on account of no power.  Apparently, elementary school in the cold and dark is a bad idea ;) 

Amos took it pretty well, and he spent his extra free time making valentine's (for me) and watching the Olympics.  We didn't have any power at the house either, but our generator works pretty well.  The laundry room and the dishwasher aren't wired to it though, so I got more behind than usual.

This is the third or fourth time we've lost power since we moved here.  It kinda seems like it might be a regular thing.  It doesn't take much for a tree to take out the power lines.  Thankfully, they've been pretty quick about fixing it each time.  And the generator.  Thank heavens for the generator.

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