Friday, February 28, 2014

February Wrap-up

It's the last day of February, can you believe it??? Here's how the second half of our month played out:

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day went great.  We'd had our V-day decorations up since we'd taken Christmas down.  So, needless to say, I was pretty tired of looking at them ;) 

Amos got to make his own mailbox for school.  He let Maggie help him glam it up, it was super sweet.  Despite the look on his face, he was really excited about it:

After school, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the kids going through their valentines and showing each other their loot.  They were both so excited that their friends made them valentines and read each one and each kid's name carefully.

The kids were going through their stuff in the back of the car while I was driving down a super windy road,  when out of nowhere Amos started to scream bloody murder:

"There's blood, there's blood!!!! Stop the car!!!"

While trying to get over the shock of him spontaneously starting to bleed and his hysterics, I couldn't get the car pulled over.  Maggie, thankfully, was as cool as a cucumber.  I heard her say,

"It's ok, I have a bandaid, I can get it."

Sure enough, she produced a bandaid and put it on Amos.  Once he could no longer see his own blood, he was perfectly fine.  Turns out someone had stapled something to their valentine and Amos caught the staple reaching his hand into his bag.  And that bandaid that Maggie masterfully produced?  Also a valentine.  Thank you to that kid.

For our family valentine's day the kids and I made Eric blackberry jam (one of his favorite things) and got him a "What does the fox say?" t-shirt (still so funny to us!).  I got the kids chapstick (they are always asking for it???) and some lego minifigures.  Eric sent all of the girls some flowers.  The kids embellished our little present pile with some of their own belongings and it was perfect.

Grammy and Grampy visit

Even though we "just" saw them in December, it felt like a really long time since we'd seen my parents.  We were so glad they came for a visit.  My Dad had a little car project to work on while he was here and Grammy helped me with just about everything.  She even came to a kids' birthday party with me!  I only got one picture while they were here, but it's a good one:

I am just sad I missed the part where Maggie's friend that was over was also sitting on Grammy's lap.  She's a good Grammy to visitors too ;)  It was great having them, and we're all still having withdrawals.

More bloody murder screaming

As we were rushing out the door to dance class this week, Amos rushed a little too much and wiped out onto his face.  He handled it like a crazy kid and shrieked like he's never shrieked before.  When all was said and done, all he had to show for it were a couple minor scrapes and a wiggly baby tooth.  Whew. 

Knee-length Shorts

At Costco the other day, I found a stack of knee-length shorts for little girls.  I honestly thought that was something I would never come across here.  I bought a couple pairs for the girls and brought them home and put them in their drawers.  The very next day Maggie came out sporting hers:

Pretty good little outfit she put together.

And then there was Audrey's take on them:

She's awesome and wants to be just like Maggie.

18 month check-up

We all took Ward to the doctor.  He did great.  He's average all around ;)  He got one shot and didn't scream at all.  He just looked at me all like, "What the heck?" when the nurse poked him.

Also, Amos dressed himself this day.  He did a great job!

Family Dates to PF Chang's

We're still feeling pretty homesick for Utah, and have been reaching out for places that make us feel at home.  PF Chang's is one of those places.  The one in Bellevue is so family friendly (which is something I don't feel a lot here) and the kids love the food.   And the coloring.  And the lazy susan. 


We're going strong with the Lego building and playing around here.  We got to go see the Lego movie before it even opened courtesy of Amazon, and "everything is awesome" ever since ;)

That tall tower?  That's "Internet for the people."

The girls have amassed a panda bear minifigure army.  It's awesome.  Like everything.

Power Outages

If you're my facebook friend, you may notice I seem to be talking about our power being out a lot.  It is.  The main culprit?  Trees.  They fall down here.  Into the roads and onto the power lines.

Boy in the Yard

We let Wardie out into the yard "by himself" the other day.  We were all standing at the door watching, but he never even looked back.  He was off with his football to run with the chickens.  He's an outdoor boy.

"I'm going with the chickens, mom."


In case you're wondering, he's wearing a painting smock backwards over his jammies.  I don't know why.

So, that's February.  Bring on March!  I don't know how much longer I can hold off Maggie from decorating for St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No School Today!

Today Amos had a "weather related issues" day.  School was cancelled on account of no power.  Apparently, elementary school in the cold and dark is a bad idea ;) 

Amos took it pretty well, and he spent his extra free time making valentine's (for me) and watching the Olympics.  We didn't have any power at the house either, but our generator works pretty well.  The laundry room and the dishwasher aren't wired to it though, so I got more behind than usual.

This is the third or fourth time we've lost power since we moved here.  It kinda seems like it might be a regular thing.  It doesn't take much for a tree to take out the power lines.  Thankfully, they've been pretty quick about fixing it each time.  And the generator.  Thank heavens for the generator.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still on a night owl schedule...

Today Audrey disappeared into her room just before dinner time.  After a few minutes of quiet, I knew she'd fallen asleep.  Terrible news at that hour.  Even a 10 minute cat nap would charge her up for the rest of the night :( so, Wardie and I went charging in.  She stayed asleep.  I started cleaning up. Loudly throwing toys into bins.  Ward went for the direct approach.  He climbed right up next to her and started whacking her.  Still, she slept.  

She stayed asleep through Amos and Maggie coming in, and as I finished cleaning (with my music on).  She finally woke up just in time for pizza and the family viewing of the Olympic opening ceremonies.  It came as no surprise that she was there next to me as we watched the Olympic torch get lit at 11:30 pm.  Tomorrow is going to be a mess!  And Amos is going to wonder where his toothbrush went...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

This morning I got breakfast in bed.  It was accompanied by the sweetest kiss on the cheek from my Amos boy. 

Crazy mother-in-law aside, he's going to make some girl so happy someday.

School Pictures

This year Amos missed picture day when we went to The Great Wolf Lodge in October, and retakes day was when we went to Florida in December.  The only two times he's missed school all year.  Poor little man is going to be "not pictured" in his first yearbook :( 

Thankfully, Maggie goes to a private school and they were totally willing (because I paid them) to take Amos' pictures so I would at least have a kindergarten year picture. They offered to do Audrey's too, but she was in her jammies and hadn't brushed her hair.  For a few days.


Oh, and they did a "buddy shot."  It's my favorite, except for the blue background.  Those two are so tight, it's ridiculous.