Monday, January 6, 2014

The first day of 2014

On January 1 we went to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.  I am still not sure where we were/where it is, but I do know we were in the car for a couple hours...

Generally, I don't go on these outings with Eric and the kids, but I was feeling all "be a better person-y" with the new year and all. 

The only time I was warm enough to take pictures was at lunch:

And on the way out of the park.  Good one of the girls:

And, good one of Wardie:

In spite of it being really, really cold, it was a pretty cool place.  Maggie LOVES to see animals.  The other kids love to run around like hooligans.  We didn't bring the stroller into the park, so Wardie got to walk a lot.  He loved it.

I am still trying to think of a reason for why we might need to go back, but I don't have one.  It was something to do once, I suppose.  Nope, wait, it just came to me.  They have ziplining!  We (as a family) should be good for that in about 11 years.  See you in 2025 Northwest Trek!

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