Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Church Year

I remember loving the start of a new year at church when I was a kid.  Our ward was pretty small, so not much really changed, but it always seemed like it did.  So far, it seems like it will be the same for our kids. 

Amos moved up to the CTR 6/7 class.  His class is all boys!  And they have boy (men) teachers!

(Not pictured: Amos Horne.  He's become very disagreeable as of late.)

The next row down in junior primary you'll find Miss Maggie in CTR 4/5.  She has Amos' teacher from last year, and still has her bestest most favorite friend Megan in her class.

Rounding out junior primary in the Sunbeams is my brand new primary girl, Audrey!  As she said herself,

"I'm in a big girl class, I don't go to baby class anymore!"

Because, in baby class (nursery) is:

Wardie!  He's a few weeks away from being official, but since it's only him and one other little guy for right now, we managed to sneak him in.  They won't notice an extra baby, right?

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Kate said...

Love all the pictures - and the new ones at the top. Your family is beautiful and your primary is lucky to have them in it!