Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013-Year In Review

2013 seriously blew by me.  January started out with a secretive trip to Seattle to interview with a little company called Amazon.  They called Eric, and it really seemed like a big joke.  On us.  We took them up on their offer for a free trip to our most favorite city anyway.  Turns out, Amazon doesn't joke.  An agonizing month later, we'd made a final decision and were making plans to completely change our lives.  We snuck in a family vacation with the Hornes, welcomed my parents home from their mission, and took one more trip to Seattle (as visitors). In March Eric started work while the kids and I tied up loose ends in Utah.  Eventually, strangers came and packed up all of our earthly possessions and took them to their new Washington home.  We reunited with Eric and took up residence in temporary housing in Bellevue, WA where we logged an unreal number of hours at the park.  

May took us to our next new home: Duvall, WA.  I'd never heard of it.  Certainly didn't know where it was.  In Duvall, the kids and I enjoyed one last magical summer coming and going as we pleased with little responsibility.  All the while, Eric worked hard.  So very hard.  

At the end of August, we took a trip to Eagle, ID to visit the Shaver side of the family and then it was time for SCHOOL!  Amos was thrilled to start kindergarten.  He has impressed us endlessly with his hard work and excitement for learning.  Maggie is having the time of her life in Pre-k.  Ward and Audrey are loving being king and queen of the castle for a few hours each afternoon.

In Duvall we were welcomed with open arms by our new ward, and were quickly put to work.  Eric is the young men's president and I am the activities counselor in the Relief Society presidency.  Add in soccer for Amos and dance class for the girls and the Hornes are a family in motion.  

Reading this back, it really is no wonder I've felt tired for a year ;) In spite of all that's different, there is one thing that is exactly the same as it was one short year ago.  Four little people and one amazing man are my entire world.  In any state.


Kate said...

What an amazing year!!!

Andrea said...

a- i miss you guys. a lot.
b- why did i not realize that you were activities counselor in the Relief Society presidency and why have we not shared ideas and what not about this.
c- your year seems fantastic and your kids are adorable.