Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out with a bang-Hollywood Studios

Our last day in FL we went to Hollywood Studios.  HS is a tricky place.  There is really one ride for our kids' ages, and it has a KILLER line.  We knew to book it right over to the Toy Story ride to get fast passes, but even then, they were for 5:45 pm, or something like that.  Yikes! 

Thankfully the kids were very happy with the Disney Junior stage show, Ariel's stage show, seeing "Jake" (of the Neverland Pirates), seeing Lightning McQueen, and especially the Stunt show.

It felt like we did a lot more waiting around/standing in lines on our Hollywood Studios day.  The kids did pretty good, and even took to story time to entertain each other:

My kids did have a bit of rough patch about 5:30 while we were waiting the last few minutes to go on Toy Story Mania.  I pulled a trick out of Eric's bag and put them in "lockdown."  It means they have to stand or sit in a specified location with their arms folded until you tell them they can move (yes, glorified timeout, but my kids know "lockdown" is SERIOUS).  For the record, the Sookhoos are only there for moral support, they weren't in trouble like my kids:

And, then, finally it was time for Toy Story Mania!  Yahoo!  

After Toy Story Mania, we headed home early enough for some swimming and playing with the cousins before going to bed early so we could get up for our flight in the morning.

One last shot from the rental car return: 

So much stuff and people to move for Jamie and I! 

Our return flights went really smoothly and it was a super relief to be home with Eric again.

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