Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Vacation

Almost a year ago talks for another Shaver family trip to Florida began (see the 2009 trip here).  At the time, we were living in Utah, and life was very different.  I certainly wasn't expecting to go without Eric.  Whoops.  Turns out the first week of December was very close to Thanksgiving this year, and that is a very busy time for major retailers.  Like, say, Amazon.

Not wanting to miss out, the kids and I decided to stay the course and go on the trip without Eric. Since we were meeting my parents, two sisters, and their families in Florida, I knew we'd be fine once we got there.  We just had to get there.

I am so grateful that we've been preparing our kids for this for years.  They're all frequent fliers, ipad owners, and charming when they need to be.  Our travel days went incredibly smoothly.

Don't get me wrong, we were a bit of a circus, and got plenty of looks (see people in the back of this photo):

But, the Horne kids know how to hang:

More to come...

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