Friday, December 20, 2013

Epcot Day

Our day at Epcot was ROUGH.  I'd like to say it wasn't Epcot's fault, but I swear the place felt cranky.  I am fairly certain we unknowingly walked into some kind of senior discount day.  The kids were exhausted, whiny, and downright belligerent for most of the day.  They asked to go home many times.  Being the good mom that I am, I forced them to stay =)

It wasn't all bad, they started out cute:

Then it was back to business as usual:

Amos had trouble not climbing (and falling off of) every railing he saw:

Their happiest moment was when we stopped to color in Mexico:

I should mention, Maggie did ok.  She wins least-least valuable player.

Ward was a pill, but did grace us with a short nap:

I thought the Chevrolet test track was a super cool experience, but Amos was ticked at me for taking him on something too scary.  Turns out, he is not a thrill seeker.

At least we got to make cool cars.  Maggie's could not be anymore "Maggie."

Somewhere near the middle of the day, I asked the kids to pose for a picture.  They refused.  Audrey was in the stroller, so I just wheeled her where I wanted her:

That's not happy screaming she's doing.

After getting rejected from "The Land" (a building with rides in it, that apparently doesn't allow strollers [see, a little bit Epcot's fault]), we headed home early.  I put those kids straight to bed and enjoyed the rest of my night hanging out at the house.

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Kate said...

It wasn't that bad, was it????