Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

One of the interesting things about moving is figuring out how to do things, where to go, and what the deal is on holidays.  We had a great 4th of July in Duvall, so I wasn't too worried about Halloween.  I didn't expect to find a great new tradition at all...

Our town, Duvall, hosts "trick or treating" downtown on Halloween.  It's free, and most all of the businesses are represented and passing out candy (that townspeople donated).  I seriously hate crowds, etc, etc, but the kids and I had an AMAZING time.  We ran into so many people we knew (which, we still don't know that many!), saw amazing costumes young and old, and got much better acquainted with downtown.  It was a happening little place:

Since Halloween has become the holiday that just won't quit, of course there were more events to attend. 

Our church had a party:

The kids had parties at school:

We snuck into Amos' school and surprised him during the parade.  AWESOME.

And, then there was the good old fashioned door to door trick or treating.

It was a great year, the kids are at a great age to enjoy these things with.  And, if you're keeping track, the girls did change outfits MANY times.  Like 4 times. Each.