Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Not long after we moved to Duvall, I got called as the activities counselor in our ward's Relief Society presidency.  Honestly, I was/am so grateful for a calling that requires me to be social.  I also walked into a wonderfully planned year of activities, and all I had to do was execute (awesome!). 

In lieu of a "Super Saturday" (a day where the womenfolk gather and make crafts for themselves) the previous counselor and her committee planned a day of service.  There was still crafting, but it was all as a service. 

We found a local home for people with Alzheimer's and discovered they needed fleece blankets for the residents when they go out on their field trips, and that they have a Christmas tree that needs decorating.   

Thus, {Eat*Craft*Give} was born.

We made 15 fleece knot quilts, and so, so many ornaments out of damaged hymn books (that needed to be upcycled). 

And, we ate.  And chatted.  And had a lovely afternoon.

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