Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amos the Kind

Against all odds, Amos is like the sweetest kid ever.

His "to" school bus driver sent me a really nice facebook message (yeah, we're tight) telling me how sweet he was, and how he always looks her in the eye and asks her how she is.  And his "from" school bus driver told me out her window (not as tight) that he is so sweet and always compliments her on something ("I like your shirt"). 

Today, it was popcorn day at school.  The kids can bring a quarter and buy popcorn at recess.  When I gave Amos his quarter he asked me for another one in case one of the other kids forgot theirs (insert watery eyes).  I gave him an extra quarter and sure enough, he proudly told me how he shared it when he got home from school. 

A couple weeks ago at the church, the primary gave all of the kids "Future missionary" tags with their names on them.  Amos was really sad Wardie didn't get one.  It wasn't long before I figured out why he had wanted me to write "Christ" on a piece of paper:

Eric and I often worry that we're going to mess the kids up somehow...but Amos, he's solid at 6. 

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deveney said...

oh my gosh. what a sweetie! i am so impressed with him:)