Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Girl

My Maggie is one sassy girl.  Eric commented the other day, "Maggie is really 'tween' all of a sudden."  I love it.  She loves glitter, pink, barbie, princesses, "stylish" things and everything girly.  I often find every article of clothing she owns on the floor because she was having a fashion show.  She also has a flair for the quirky. 

Today, she is 5!

 Maggie at Amos' soccer game last month.  She spectates in style.  She does everything in style ;) Amazing.

We'll have her family party today, and then in December I am going to take her and her best friend, Megan, to see Frozen.  I thought it could be a fun little girls trip, but she is insisting Amos, Eric, and Wardie come too.  Lucky boys.

Happy Birthday Mags!

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