Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prison break

While I took out the trash, the kids conned Eric into a prison break. It always helps to have a man on the inside.

The Prisoners

Maggie is an artist.  It is so hard for me.  Our brains could not function any more differently.  She is constantly making crazy creations that are beautiful to her and high blood pressure inducing to me. 

Audrey is three.  She loves to do things for herself whether she's capable of them or not. 

It's hard, in a patience-building kind of way.  Lately, we've had a problem with them "stealing" from the kitchen/my office/wherever and "destroying."  Tonight I found them yet again, elbows deep in sprinkles in their bedroom.  For once, I didn't lose it, I just put them in timeout while I cleaned it (normally I would have them clean, but this surpassed their capabilities) and then told them they were in "Mama jail."  We talked about the three rules they broke:

1. Stealing
2. Making a mess
3. Food out of the kitchen

Then I told them I would bring them dinner in a little while, but they were not to leave their beds.   Their feet shouldn't touch the floor.

Eric went to check on them a few minutes later and they were both passed out cold.  Point warden.                                        
All of this got me thinking about that quote I see on Pinterest ALL THE TIME.  It's attributed to David O. McKay, but I couldn't actually document that. 

credit here

I always, always, always, thought he meant that quote for kids.  Like, kids should be quieter.  I couldn't agree more.  It was a rude awakening when I realized (whether it's a real quote or not) he meant ME.  Whoops.  

In researching, I did find this one:

“Let husband and wife never speak in loud tones to each other, ‘unless the house is on fire’” (Stepping Stones to an Abundant Life, comp. Llewelyn R. McKay [1971], 294).

And the funny (to me) comment underneath it "I like that one better because it means I can still yell at my kids."

Will I be perfect at not yelling at my kids?  I assure you, no.  I am trying.  This new "mama jail" thing might take off though.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family hug!

Family hugs were a tradition in my family growing up. I don't remember them starting, but I sure remember being forced into them as a teenager. Most nights we'd have our family prayer, and then follow it with a family hug (which, if you're still wondering is just what it sounds like, the whole family hugs at once).

I haven't had a family hug in probably 10 years, but something brought it to my memory about a week ago and we've been doing it ever since. At this point, the kids love it. We had 5 family hug encores tonight. They even kiss each other during it!

More from that one time our cousins came to visit

Backtracking a little...remember that one time when our cousins came to visit?  We also had a fun day at Remlinger Farms.  (Once we got over the sticker shock of how much it cost).

There were rides:

and pumpkins:

and SO many of those face cutout picture taking thingys:

But most importantly, there were tractors!

It seems like a lifetime ago now, it's hard to believe it was just last month!  Time is weird in Washington.


Not long after we moved to Duvall, I got called as the activities counselor in our ward's Relief Society presidency.  Honestly, I was/am so grateful for a calling that requires me to be social.  I also walked into a wonderfully planned year of activities, and all I had to do was execute (awesome!). 

In lieu of a "Super Saturday" (a day where the womenfolk gather and make crafts for themselves) the previous counselor and her committee planned a day of service.  There was still crafting, but it was all as a service. 

We found a local home for people with Alzheimer's and discovered they needed fleece blankets for the residents when they go out on their field trips, and that they have a Christmas tree that needs decorating.   

Thus, {Eat*Craft*Give} was born.

We made 15 fleece knot quilts, and so, so many ornaments out of damaged hymn books (that needed to be upcycled). 

And, we ate.  And chatted.  And had a lovely afternoon.

Amos the Kind

Against all odds, Amos is like the sweetest kid ever.

His "to" school bus driver sent me a really nice facebook message (yeah, we're tight) telling me how sweet he was, and how he always looks her in the eye and asks her how she is.  And his "from" school bus driver told me out her window (not as tight) that he is so sweet and always compliments her on something ("I like your shirt"). 

Today, it was popcorn day at school.  The kids can bring a quarter and buy popcorn at recess.  When I gave Amos his quarter he asked me for another one in case one of the other kids forgot theirs (insert watery eyes).  I gave him an extra quarter and sure enough, he proudly told me how he shared it when he got home from school. 

A couple weeks ago at the church, the primary gave all of the kids "Future missionary" tags with their names on them.  Amos was really sad Wardie didn't get one.  It wasn't long before I figured out why he had wanted me to write "Christ" on a piece of paper:

Eric and I often worry that we're going to mess the kids up somehow...but Amos, he's solid at 6. 

Ariel's Dada

I am supposed to be counting box tops right now, but instead I am blogging.  SO many things are slipping past me in our crazy lives. 

First up: Ariel's Dada.

Just before Halloween, Audrey and I were at Target in the dollar spot.  She picked the most random pitchfork glowstick out.  When I asked her what it was for, she said,

"Dada's costume!"

Uh?  When I asked her what he was going to be, she said,

"Ariel's Dada!"

She is amazing.

And although we all would have liked to see Eric rock the King Triton, she fell asleep and he got out of it ;)

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Girl

My Maggie is one sassy girl.  Eric commented the other day, "Maggie is really 'tween' all of a sudden."  I love it.  She loves glitter, pink, barbie, princesses, "stylish" things and everything girly.  I often find every article of clothing she owns on the floor because she was having a fashion show.  She also has a flair for the quirky. 

Today, she is 5!

 Maggie at Amos' soccer game last month.  She spectates in style.  She does everything in style ;) Amazing.

We'll have her family party today, and then in December I am going to take her and her best friend, Megan, to see Frozen.  I thought it could be a fun little girls trip, but she is insisting Amos, Eric, and Wardie come too.  Lucky boys.

Happy Birthday Mags!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

One of the interesting things about moving is figuring out how to do things, where to go, and what the deal is on holidays.  We had a great 4th of July in Duvall, so I wasn't too worried about Halloween.  I didn't expect to find a great new tradition at all...

Our town, Duvall, hosts "trick or treating" downtown on Halloween.  It's free, and most all of the businesses are represented and passing out candy (that townspeople donated).  I seriously hate crowds, etc, etc, but the kids and I had an AMAZING time.  We ran into so many people we knew (which, we still don't know that many!), saw amazing costumes young and old, and got much better acquainted with downtown.  It was a happening little place:

Since Halloween has become the holiday that just won't quit, of course there were more events to attend. 

Our church had a party:

The kids had parties at school:

We snuck into Amos' school and surprised him during the parade.  AWESOME.

And, then there was the good old fashioned door to door trick or treating.

It was a great year, the kids are at a great age to enjoy these things with.  And, if you're keeping track, the girls did change outfits MANY times.  Like 4 times. Each.