Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

For Amos' birthday "party" I was able to convince him he wanted to celebrate at the Great Wolf Lodge with his cousins...since we already had a trip planned there and all.  The cousins were very kind and went along with it, and Amos had a great time. 

I just loved this picture of Wardie and Carrie sitting together.  He's getting so big!

Great Wolf Lodge is a funny place...I still don't quite know what I think of it.  The kids loved it though.

GWL has some sort of mascot that makes appearances for photos...

There is a waterpark in the hotel.  It was kind of crazy!  We missed the memo on "staking out a table for lunch" so we ate hot tub side.  Not too shabby.

Those little cousins sure are cute!  They got along amazingly, it was so nice.

Mommy blogger FAIL.

Uh, Amos turned 6.  Like 3 weeks ago.  My bad!

He did have a great birthday. He picked out his own cake at the bakery...

Took a treat to share with his kindergarten class...

Got presents! (Mostly from Harbor Freight. Little man is easy to please).

And made a wish!

Happy birthday big six guy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Speaking of "FINALLY"...

Audrey is three years old!  Yesterday was her third birthday and we didn't even tell her =)  I figured throwing her friend party early bought me a day for her family party.  Tuesdays are so crazy, there was no way it was happening in a pleasant way.

Today Wardie's Halloween costume arrived, and now Audrey is pretty sure she needs to change what she is going to be. AGAIN.  We've already been through Rapunzel, Merida, a mermaid, and now...

"I a robot!!!"

She's hilarious.  Prior to this whole costume thing, she was already randomly using a robot voice, so maybe I should just let her go with it...Wardie can always go back to being a pirate.

One kid who I know is not changing his costume?  Amos.  He has been wearing it every free moment.  He almost refused to go to soccer last night because he didn't want to take it off.  Yep, it's serious.

I am actually really looking forward to seeing how this whole thing shakes out...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Maggie goes to school (FINALLY!)

Yesterday Maggie started school.  It was so rough.  It was POURING rain, and the kids had their crazy pants on.  The faster/more efficient I tried to get them to be, the more uncooperative they became.  It was amazing really.

I got some terrible pictures, you're welcome.

I considered taking the Halloween sign off the door, but then I thought, no, I want to remember that I had already decorated for Halloween by the time Maggie started school.

I could not get her to look at me without making a weird face.  And, yes, that's a black eye. We definitely need re-takes.

I had Maggie do her survey back when Amos did his, mostly so it was sure to get done...

Today, it was a much smoother process.  Still, and I know I am not the first to discover this, half-day preschool/kindergarten does not allow for actual free time for me.  By the time I get them all where they are supposed to be, it's time to go back and get them.  At least I am getting lots of practice driving and buckling car seats (???).

Seriously though, Maggie is going to a great preschool, and I know it will be an awesome experience for her.  Go Hillside!